7 Simple Tips For Cleaning After Your Children’s Birthday Party

Posted by on April 22, 2014 in Cleaning Tips

Your children’s birthday is always something special for both you and them. With all the preparations and endeavours you have made there is no doubt that your children will have a lot of fun. There is only one thing that can aggravate your perfect day. You might have guessed it already, but this “little” thing is cleaning after the birthday party. Kids enjoy playing with everything they are able to catch. You will certainly find a lot of trash all over the floor and on every table in your home. Expect spilled drinks (at least it is not wine!), wrappers all over the place, and intense war made of throwing foods.
Clean Up After Children's Party

We, at Go Cleaners London, offer a service designed for such cases – after tenancy cleaning, which will erase any signs of parties held at your place. Still, if you want to cope with all of these in no time and slightly reduce the inevitable damage your children’s party will cause, follow our handy tips:

1. Preparation is key.

After the long process of choosing the theme, menu, activities and entertainment for your child’s party is finally over, it is time to make a few preparations of your home. Since children’s common sense is not quite evolved at an early age, you should think twice when organizing such event. Place everything fragile away from the visitors of your kid’s party. You should keep away items that can shatter, spread or leave stains out of reach. Spending enough time for preparation can save you many hours of cleaning later.

2. Organize an outdoor party

Move the party outdoors when possible. If weather allows it, try to take out the activities which present the greatest danger for your living room. Things like opening the presents, serving food and playing games. The time which the kids spend outside is inversely proportional to the amount of window smudges and sneaker footprints you will find on your sofa. You will keep your floors and carpets safe because spilled drinks or ice-cream will be your lawn’s issue, not your flooring’s. Also, everybody knows that outdoor parties are more likely to be entertaining.

3. Go strategic with the foods

The types of food which fit well with the concept of cleaning less after the party are sandwiches or small one-bite cakes. Providing cardboard boxes for each one of the little guests is not an insurance that everything will be okay, but will definitely reduce the mess. Go with foods that do not leave permanent stains. Avoid placing food in plates, serve it in bowls instead.

4. Remove all broken pieces of glass

You have to do it immediately. You know those tiny little nasty glass particles that you can hardly see, right? They can easily harm some of the guests at the birthday party. We will give you an effective piece of advice on how to deal with them in no time. Take a slice of bread and pass it over the area where the particles might be. You are all set! Throw the slice of bread out and continue with the fun! If the guests have played with tape and there are leftovers all over the windows, check how to remove the tape residue.

5. Deal with all spills immediately

By doing it, you will prevent the soaking of the spilled liquid. It will be much easier to deal with it right after some of the kids have spilled his juice. It’s a good idea to have a few sponges close to the table where the children are sitting. Sooner or later, some of them are going to spill his cup. It’s certain! Hopefully, this won’t happen on your precious sofa but if it does, try to remove as much as possible of the liquid and contact a professional upholstery cleaning company for assistance. For more detailed tips on clearing up after events and tenancies, check this blog post.

6. Use disposable cutlery

Party cups, plates, napkins, etc. It’s a huge time-saver to use recyclable cutlery. You can choose themed cellulose cups and napkins with your children’s favourite super-hero. After the party, you can recycle them in less than five minutes. Moreover, you will have a care less when you use plastic cups instead of glasses (Tip #4).

7. You can always call for help

Most moms prefer to prepare the treat for their children’s birthday party. They often decorate their home to make it more comfortable. If you are one of these mums and you are too tired to clean after the whole birthday party preparation, just call a professional cleaning company to perform a deep cleaning for you. This way, you will have even more time to spend with your children on their special day.

The Ultimate Accident Kit

Having a few tools and items ready for use is a good idea. Create your accident kit against spills and stains starting from these:

  • Paper towels. Get many of them. Store them in a handy spot, you will need to find them quickly.
  • A plastic container with a lid – to store any glass or sharp items.
  • Stain-remover for carpets (just in case).

These were our convenient tips for cleaning up the mess after your children’s birthday party. It’s always easier to be prepared in advance and have a plan, this applies to everything in life. Then, you can cope with any chore faster and more efficiently. The final result is having more leisure time together with your family and your house survived another wild kids’ party.