10 Convenient Tips For Preparing Your Home Before Leaving on a Vacation

Posted by on August 5, 2016 in Cleaning Tips

The countdown to your vacation has begun. Summer months are a preferable time for family leisure activities. The sun is shining, you don’t need to prepare yourself for the cold outside with tons of clothes and you can see beautiful scenery all around you and soon you will be off to a well-deserved beach, ski or whatever-are-you-into vacation.

Aren’t we missing something? Yes, we are. Sometimes with all the happy thoughts in our minds, we forget how important is to prepare our home for the upcoming vacation. You’ve probably made your vacation packing list already, but your house needs some small preparations too!

Here is a simple pre-vacation preparation checklist for your home which can guarantee you a relaxed and happy returning without any surprises lurking around.

So, before you leave, consider doing the following:

Call to your home security company

If your alarm turns on, the company will call at your home number. But what if you are not there to answer? It is really important to give the company a notice that you are going on a vacation and give them an additional number to call you in case something happens.

Open the closet doors

If you don’t want different smells to mix up and the air at your house to be heavy to breathe this should be included in your checklist before leaving for a vacation.

Turn off and unplug some of the appliances

Of course, you can’t turn off your fridge but some small appliance such as lights, Tv’s, computers etc. should be turned off. This way, you can save on your electricity bill and feel safe if a big storm happen.

Check your faucets

Check your kitchen and bathroom faucets. Make sure they are not dripping. If some of them have problems fix them before leaving.

A quick clean around the house

You do not want to come home after being in a clean and organized hotel room in a messy and smelly place. We are not talking about a deep cleaning which can take you days but just for a quick cleaning which covers the main areas at your place. A little bit of dusting and vacuuming and maybe do the dishes.

Remember to set your water heater

Do not turn off completely your water heater but turn it on a vacation mode (like the one you are on now) or if you don’t have that just lower the temperature.

Call to stop your newspapers subscribers

If you are receiving lots of magazines and newspapers you don’t want them to stay outside your door. They can’t get ruined.

Throw out all the waste

After cleaning the whole place throw away everything you consider as rubbish. Check your refrigerator for food that won’t last until your return and either eat it or toss it away.

Consider leaving some lights on

if you want to feel more secure you can leave some lights for creating the illusion that you are still there. If you don’t want to pay more for electricity the best way is to ask a neighbor to switch the lights on and off.

Download an app to check your home

pre-vacation-tipsWe are living in a technologically advanced era and there are lots of apps that can help you monitor your home while you are gone. You can use your old iPhone like a camera.

Are you still here? If you have completed the pre-vacation checklist take a peak at our tips for end of tenancy cleaning in case you want extra caution and you will be fully prepared start your holiday journey!

It worth mentioning that depending on the duration of your vacation, it might be a good idea to have your carpets vacuumed and deep cleaned after you arrive home. Come on, don’t get too much into cleaning, this was just a preparation. Bon voyage and take care.