9 Ways to Improve The Environment in Your Office

Posted by on April 9, 2014 in Cleaning Tips

You don’t want your employees or co-workers to say “I’ve survived another day at the office”. With some attention to details, you can easily get to “I had a terrific time at work today!”. Raising salaries and giving monthly bonuses is a driving force when it comes to motivation, but there is one more thing to consider other than money – your office atmosphere. Create a stress-free office environment and increase the productivity of your employees.

There are many things that can make your office workers happier and transform your space into something that will interest the potential new hires. We promise these tips won’t cost you a fortune, but will dramatically change the life in your company’s office, for good!

How to positively improve your office environment

So, let us see what tips we have prepared for you in order to improve the environment in your office and burst the productivity among your employees:

Employ the right people for your needs

You need people who will not only do their work, but will contribute to the overall office environment and add value. Look for people who are professional in their field and can do well as part of a team. This way, they can contribute in growing a positive work atmosphere. Don’t let one rotten apple to spoil the whole pile.

Find the source of negativity and deal with it

It is common that the bad attitude of a single employee can hurt the performance of the others. It can be forgiven if it is just for a day, but when this negativity is repeating over and over again, you should act. Letting someone go is an unpleasant thing to do, certainly, but think of all the gains for your company, employees and office atmosphere. Sometimes letting go of the poisonous employees is the only way to ensure a peaceful environment.

Improve the layout of the office and reach out for feedback

You might think everything in your office is in its proper place, but maybe it’s not. Just think of your printer, scanner and coffee machine. Can they be placed in a better location? Everybody in the office must have an equal access to all of these objects. When somebody needs to use the printer, for instance, he should not walk through the entire floor.

Choose wisely the placement of each object that a lot of people in the office will use every day. Another option is to work on improving the layouts on a team level (for larger offices) – ask and listen the team members and decide what will work. We are not the same and acting on a smaller scale can make more people happier with the working spots they have. Find what is the best office layout that will boost the productivity and use apply it.

Keep your office clean

A clean environment will reduce the chances of a disease to spread in your office. It’s essential if you want to reduce the sick leaves. Also, working in a neat and organized office can have a great impact on the interaction between employees. Whether you decide to hire a full-time cleaner or you prefer to use the services of a professional cleaning company, your employees will feel much better when the entire office looks cleaner. Eventually, the office environment improvement will probably increase the productivity of your staff. Regular office cleaning is extremely needed in business premises, but always match prices and ask for recommendations before choosing your company.

Implement standardized processes

It will be much easier for you to track down the activity of your employees, if you have a routine way of working. Schedules, deadlines, training for the newbies, evaluation system, etc. You must think about all these things in order to create the perfect environment for the people who work for you. As 18th-century English poet Alexander Pope once said: “Order is heaven’s first law”. Let’s face it, your office will never be a heaven for your employees, but still, organizing the inner processes of your company will improve the working environment dramatically.

Be friends instead of just colleagues

It’s very important to welcome all new recruits in a way they will remember. Make them feel comfortable in the new office. Introduce them to the others in your company. It’s nothing different than welcoming a guest into your home. You want your guest to feel good and you definitely want the rookies in your company to feel that way too. As we have already said, happy people work better.

Another good practice is to organize corporate events for the entire team.  An outdoor team-building with your colleagues or a wild karaoke night. Organize a different kind of tournaments (cards, darts, bowling) and celebrate birthdays together. Your employees will love you for your kindness! Moreover, you will start earning more money because…

Put plants and paintings

Having plants in your office is a wonderful idea. As you probably know, the green colour has a relaxing ability. It may help your employees feel less stressed at the end of a hard day at work. Placing beautiful paintings in the office will further help you create a pleasant working environment. They represent a natural air filter and are a source of clean oxygen that is much needed in office environments. Plants are definitely your number one friend when trying to create a stress-free office environment.

Know what scents and colours work for you

Both scent and colour can have an impact on the productivity and mood of your workers. Choosing and combining scents and colours can result in more focused employees. Yet, when choosing the scent, keep it subtle and don’t go crazy. Consider these scents as the most appropriate for office spaces – pine, cinnamon, peppermint, citrus or lavender.

The colours we see everyday have a bigger effect on our mood and behaviour than we usually think. Colours work on both physical and emotional level. Getting and combining the right colours for your office will result in increased productivity and positive working environment.

Track and improve the air quality

It is scientifically-proven that air quality impacts human’s memory and ability to focus, and make us more resistant to distractions. Consider placing air filters in your office if possible. Try getting fresh air through the doors and windows, make a simple system for their opening and closing, but opt for at least half a day of fresh air entering through them.

Final Thoughts

Following the tips above have helped many employers develop a working, friendly and productive office environment. Try them and convert your working space into a desirable location for you and your co-workers.