Professional carpet cleaning services in London

Keeping your carpets and rugs clean is one of the most important things you can do to make your house a home. Let our carpet cleaning in London help you keep your most heavily trampled pieces dirt-free and smelling fresh.

The carpet cleaning specialists are available on weekends and bank holidays with no extra charge, and with the same-day availability, you can have your pieces renewed in hours without having to bear the stains for days!

The benefits you'll get with our service

Each technician is certified, vetted and insured, and have hundreds of pieces successfully cleaned over the years. Our services often come to the rescue of homeowners, tenants, and landlords when they need professionally performed deep cleaning of their carpets and rugs.

Results from carpet cleaningAs one of the most delicate pieces in your home, the carpet needs special care and professional equipment in order to be spotless and presentable. Add the following benefits to the careful and experienced technicians and you've got yourself a new partner in dealing with stains and dirt:

  • Stain treatment included;
  • Deodorising upon request;
  • Certified technicians using Prochem equipment;
  • Performed with child- and pet-friendly detergents;
  • Using the most powerful method on the market - hot water extraction;
  • Great results achieved when combined with professional end of tenancy cleaning.

Carpet cleaning prices

Rooms Type of treatment
Hot Water Extraction Dry cleaning
Single Bedroom £22 £23
Double Bedroom £25 £25
Lounge/Living Room £27 £29
Through Lounge £47 £51
Dining Room £27 £29
Hallway £13 £15
Flight of Stairs £27 £29
Rugs Rates vary according to type and condition

*Minimum call out charge for areas within M25 is £42. Rates are based on the average size of the room in which the carpet is located. Spot treatment with professional detergents is included.

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Deep carpet cleaning methods available:

Once the technician arrives, he will start with a detailed inspection of your piece. He will apply pre-treatment solutions if there are any stains. After the initial check is done, the carpet cleaner will choose the most suitable way and use the proper equipment for its treatment between the following:

Hot water extraction

How water extraction carpet cleaning in LondonA method that is similar to steam cleaning but more effective. It includes pre-treatment for stains (we use special solutions for tackling wine, coffee, beer, blood and other spots) as well as for high-traffic areas, dirt patches and etc. Over 95% of the dirt will be removed. The pressure created from the sprayed water moves all dirt and grime particles, making them easy to extract and eliminate.

We'll also provide a free air mover as part of the service to speed up the drying process - it is a big, portable fan that will reduce the drying time.

Suitable for: fabrics made of synthetic or wool fibres.

Approximate drying time: 4-6 hours, depending on the ventilation and air flow in the room.

Low moisture / dry treatment

This method is used on pieces which are moisture-sensitive and delicate. In such cases, hot water extraction is not advised. Instead, the dry compound treatment will do the trick by simply not using any moisture – powder will be spread on the piece with the use of a special machine, and will later be hoovered off. The result – all grime, dust, and dirt are removed as well, and the carpet is dry and safe to be walked on. Other ways to tackle your textile floor covering are using solvents or foam. The type of treatment depends on the fabrics.

Suitable for: delicate or not water resistant fabrics such as seagrass, sisal, and jute. Cotton, silk, velvet, oriental, and Persian rugs.

Approximate drying time: almost immediately after the procedure.

With our company, you can have your carpet cleaned along with upholstery, mattress or curtains at preferential rates! Clean your textile floor covering as part of your one-off spring session to experience even greater discounts.

Scotchgard stain protection

It is the most efficient way to protect your carpet from spots, stains, and dirt. A thin layer of Teflon is applied - it is that protective layer that takes all the wears, keeping your piece untouched. Also, Scotchgard does not let any kind of spills to penetrate meaning your piece will stay stain-free.

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This service is available in all London areas, and in some of the adjacent regions, such as Romford, Watford, Enfield, Dartford, and Kingston upon Thames.

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