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General questions:

1. What is your working schedule?
You can reach the staff behind the phone lines any time - they are available 24/7. You can reach us and order a service during weekends and bank holidays.

2. Can the cleaners come when I am not at home?
Of course, they can. In such cases, we make a key pick-up arrangement and then we bring them back to a previously specified location. We suggest you contact our operators and let them assist you in finding the way that works well for you.

3. What is your cleaners' working schedule?
Our working hours can fit anyone's needs. The cleaners' schedule starts in the early morning and ends in the evening. Also, they are available on weekends and bank holidays.

4.What types or kind of payments do you work with?
We accept payments from credit and debit cards.

5. What type of services do you deliver?
Go Cleaners provides a range of services, suitable for the most of the average family's household needs. Still, some of the services can be performed in commercial premises.

6. Do the cleaners have some kind of insurance?
Yes, they do. In a case of an accident or some kind of damage done to your property, we will cover the full price, as a compensation.

7. Is your company insured?
Yes. Go Cleaners London is a cleaning provider that is fully-insured.

8. What happens if I am not happy with the cleaners' work?
Тhat is very unlikely, but if it happens, please let us know and we will take all the necessary actions to redeem ourselves.

About end of tenancy cleaning

18. What services are not part of the end of tenancy cleaning?
Cleaning the exterior of your windows and professional carpet cleaning are not part of the service, but you can get a big discount when you book two services at once. Also, wall cleaning is provided only on request and for an additional charge. Please note that we don't take any responsibility for causing damage on the walls. For possible service combinations, please take a look at our tenancy cleaning page.

19. When can the cleaners come and perform a tenancy cleaning?
In most cases, you can have your property cleaned in the next 4 days. We know you may be in a hurry and we will do what it takes to complete the job successfully so you can return your bond back.

20. What about the extra charges, do you have any?
Additional charges may occur if there is no parking space available near your place. Please note that congestion zones are always taken into consideration when making the booking. Also, depending on the availability, surcharges may apply on weekend and bank holiday appointments.

21. Do I have to provide the cleaning detergents and equipment?
No, the cleaners carry all the necessary cleaning tools and solutions with themselves. However, the cleaners need access to your property, electricity, and water.

22. Is it required for me to be at the property when the cleaning is taking place?
No, it is not required. The cleaners need access to your property – you can leave them the keys, or arrange a key pick up with the phone operators over the phone.

23. What if I am not happy with the result?
This is a fully-guaranteed service and the guarantee is viable for 48h. We believe that you will be impressed with the final result, but if something is missed, the cleaners will come back for a free re-clean.

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About carpet cleaning

13. What carpet cleaning options do you provide?
The carpet cleaners use hot water extraction, known as steam cleaning, and the dry cleaning.While HWE is suitable for most of the carpets and upholstery, dry cleaning is suggested for pieces made of more delicate fibres.

14. Can you rent me the carpet cleaning machine?
Unfortunately, we cannot. To be able to use that machine requires hours of training and a certificate.

15. How much time does it take until I can walk on my carpet?
It depends on the cleaning method used on your carpet. If it is HWE, it will be completely dry in 4-6 hours. If dry cleaning was used and your place is well-ventilated, you can step on your carpets minutes after the procedure is done. Please visit our carpet cleaning page to learn more about the methods and techniques.

16. Does your carpet cleaning have some kind of a guarantee?
We work entirely according to your demands, and if for some reason you are not happy with the results, we will perform another clean. However, clients rarely are not satisfied with the final result.

17. Do you apply some kind of a carpet protector?
Yes, we do, upon request and we use Scotchgard for that purpose. The fabric protector is applied to your carpet after cleaning. It is a thin layer of Teflon that is applied to your piece which acts as a stain repellent. With it, your carpet will be safe from spills, dirt, and dust until the next deep cleaning.

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About regular domestic cleaning

9. Am I responsible for providing the cleaner with materials, products, and solutions?
Yes, you are. Yet, we can provide you with cleaning supplies for an additional charge. For more information, please visit our regular domestic cleaning page.

10. Is it possible for the cleaner to clean my property while I am not home?
Yes, she can. Two options here – you can leave the keys to the cleaner or make a key pick-up arrangement over the phone before the appointment.

11. I want regular service for my home, but all I need is just one session per month. Is it possible?
Yes, this is fine. But be aware that in such cases, we cannot guarantee that we can send the very same cleaner every time.

12. Can I choose the day and time of my session?
Yes, it is entirely up to you when the cleaning should be performed. If your previously appointed cleaner is not available, we will send a replacement one.

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About oven cleaning

24. How long will the procedure take?
On average, a standard single oven requires approximately an hour of work. Still, usage of the unit and time since its last cleaning must be also taken into consideration.

25. Do I need to provide you with something?
The technician needs access to electricity and it will be great if you fill a bucket of hot water or give him permission to use the sink as the hot water is needed for the dip tank.

26. How and where do you perform the actual cleaning?
The technician starts with placing protective sheets. Then he disassembles all removable parts and soaks them in a dip tank. The process takes place where your oven is located, nothing is moved. Finally, the technician assembles the unit and turns it on to check if it is working well. For more detailed explanation, please go to our oven cleaning page.

27. What about the grease between the glass doors?
It will be removed, as long as your appliance is not a sealed unit. The service includes cleaning all dirt and grease both from inside and the outside of the appliance.

28. What if I need some spare parts?
We can provide you with such, upon request. We will find and collect filters or light bulbs, all we need is the make and model of your oven.

29. Can you handle ovens which are self-cleaning ones?
Yes, we can. Note that while they are called self-cleaning, in many cases, the liners collect fat and grease on their inner side which can cause a kitchen fire. When working on such units, technicians will take care of the liners and the rest panels only by using a sponge and hot water to avoid harming the coating’s surface.

30. How soon after the cleaning can I use my oven?
You can use it immediately after the procedure. Our advice is to act like you have just bought it – turn it on without placing anything inside for a couple of minutes and you will be ready to go.

31. How many times per year should I have my appliance cleaned?
We recommend doing it twice per year but note that it highly depends on the usage of the appliance. If you are a passionate cooker, consider doing it more frequently.

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