Patio cleaning service in London

Our patio cleaning is your dearest assistant in fighting the mess caused by dirt, grime, and other debris. With our professional help, your favourite nook around the house will be back on track in no time!

Why choose us?

Patio and driveway cleaningWhen regularly done, this service will make the area around your garden or yard more enjoyable and usable, and maintain or even increase your home's resale value. Yet, there is more - see what benefits this service carries along:

  • Usage of eco-friendly equipment that requires less water;
  • You can inspect the results before the technicians are done;
  • Flexible service which can be used for treatment of different surfaces;
  • Fixed rates based on the size of the job, and not on the time it takes.

Our patio cleaning secret revealed

The almost unlimited power that hides in the professional machines helps the technicians fight any contamination on your outdoor surfaces. The trained professionals cut through the toughest stains and debris by using the most advanced heavy-duty pressure washing equipment.

How it is done

A technician equipped with a jet washing machine will come to your place at the desired time. The machine requires a water source, such as a tap. Since there are a variety of water taps, he is prepared with different kind of nozzles which will surely fit yours. Also, for areas located on higher levels, such as balconies, a drainage should be provided. After the job is done, you can inspect the work. In order to provide you with an accurate estimate, we will need the dimensions of the area you want to be cleaned.

Note: No chemicals are involved which is great for your family, pets, and garden.

Along with dirt and grime, the machine is powerful enough to eliminate mould and mildew, moss, rust, and tire stains. Even vertical walls are tackled with ease.

Patio cleaning prices

Patio cleaning starts from £3 per sq.m per hour.

*Please note that we have a minimum charge of £60

*Prices are subject to availability.

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However, this method works well for treating different areas which require maintenance, such as:

  • Concrete spaces;
  • All types of deckings;
  • Brick and tarmac pathways and all kinds of pavings;
  • Walls;
  • Driveways;
  • Garden furniture and fences.

You can arrange after builders cleaning or garden clearance together with this service!

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