Professional upholstery cleaning services in London

Upholstered items are some of the most expensive home furnishings, so it makes sense to take care of them so you can extend the life of your investment. You can rely on us to deal with your worn-out or stained furniture and make it look as just bought.

Key advantages

Upholstery cleaning in London

  • A free air mover is included as part of the service.
  • You will extend the life of your items.
  • Free maintenance advice from the upholstery cleaners.
  • Treatment is tailored to the specifics of the fabrics.
  • Scotchgard stain protection available upon request.

A procedure for any of your fabrics

When the experts arrive, they will evaluate the state of your item and then provide the most appropriate solution. Using only the latest equipment and detergents, they will get your items back to their original condition.

Upholstery cleaning prices

Item Type of treatment
Hot Water Extraction Dry cleaning
Armchair £20 £47
Two-seated Sofa £33 £66
Three-seated Sofa £39 £78
Mattress £21 £35
Dining Chair £7 £26
Office Chair £4 N/A
Half length pair of curtains
£19 £66
Full length pair of curtains £24 £99

*Minimum call out charge for areas within M25 is £42.

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There are 2 main upholstery cleaning methods used depending on the condition and fabrics of your items - dry compound treatment and hot water extraction:

Hot water extraction

The technician will examine your items to determine the material they are made of. He will also place pads under the machine. The piece is vacuumed to remove dust and other particles. Stains are pre-treated with professional solutions. Then, a tiny nozzle ejects hot pressured water. The treated area is vacuumed and nearly 95% of the water and all the dirt and allergens it has collected are extracted. Air-mover will be included as part of the service to make the drying process quicker.

Dry treatment

The technician will start with an inspection to understand the type of fabrics. Then, to prepare the piece, he will pre-treat all stains. A dry solvent is applied and rubbed all over the item using a machine with spinning brushes. The dry compound method is suitable for furniture made of delicate materials. Note that the treatment can be performed with foam, instead of solvents. First, the piece is covered by a thin layer of foam, it takes about ten minutes for it to harden. Then, it is removed with a powerful vacuum machine. Your item will be dry and ready for use in an hour.

Leather furniture cleaning

The professional will spread the foam leather cleaner across your sofa or armchair. The solution absorbs all the dirt in a couple of minutes. Using a soft brush, the foam will be spread evenly while being gently rubbed onto the leather. Lastly, he wipes the surface with a cloth and applies a rejuvenator.

Complete care for your curtains, mattress and sofa

If you are having troubles to remember the original colour of those items, then you certainly must take advantage of this service. You can get it separately or combined with another package. The methods used are hot water extraction and dry treatment. The technicians can deal with upholstered and leather sofas using products that will bring your item's best appearance.

Note: Take advantage of 40% off upholstery cleaning when ordered with guaranteed move out cleaning. Order deep carpet treatment along with this service and opt for a discount!

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