How to Clean Tape Residue Off Windows And Glass

Posted by on November 22, 2016 in Cleaning Tips, Tenants' Corner

How to Remove Tape Residue from WindowsIt seems like some stubborn tape residue is casting a shadow over your windows. Even though sometimes removing sticky tape leftovers from windows can take you more time than you are willing to invest – don’t worry. Grab the right tools and solution and roll up your sleeves.

Here, you will find different options and light instructions to remove tape residue, masking tape leftovers, stickers, and etc. You will find items that almost each household has, so there is a big chance you will find everything you need in a few minutes.

Besides on windows, these sellotape residue cleaning methods (with few exceptions) can be used on glass, plastic or wood.

Some valuable information you need to know before starting:

Be careful
Do not apply nail polish remover on plastic items as it will probably going to melt it. It could also damage paint or wood finishes, but it is good for removing sticky leftovers from glass. See what surfaces you can use it on here.

Always test first
Regardless of what method you are going to use, always test on a small, not so visible area of the glass or object. When applying a solution, always start with a small amount of it – if it isn’t enough, apply some more then.

Why is the residue there, at a first place?

Unfortunately all tapes leave some residue which looks a look like glue. It is “created” when the force of adhesion (when tape sticks to a surface) surpasses the force of cohesion (when adhesive sticks to itself).

So, what can you clean sticky tape residue from your windows with?

Razor Blade

For safety reasons, use a blade that comes with a handle, to remove the tape residue by scraping it. While this method is known for quite some time, it is still the best way to remove sticky tape residue without having to use harsh chemicals.


Spray the areas on your windows with tape residue on them. Give the solution a couple of minutes to penetrate into the residue. Wipe off with a rag.

Paint Thinner

Use with caution as this product is toxic. To loosen up the tape residue, apply the thinner and wait for a few minutes. Grab a clean cloth and make sure you apply pressure while wiping the surface.

Nail Polish Remover

While this solution is not specifically designed to remove sticky tape leftovers, it can still do the job. Apply it and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then, wipe off the residue with a cloth. If it is stubborn, use a razor blade with a handle.

Peanut Butter

Apply a thin layer of peanut butter. Leave it for 2-3 hours and use a putty knife or blade to scrape the residue off. Finally, clean the window with a solution made from water and vinegar. Dry with a paper towel.

White Vinegar

Dampen a cloth and wipe over the residue. Wait for a minute before gently rubbing the tape leftovers with an unused part of your dampened cloth. Dry with a clean cloth or towel.

Still having troubles?

If you are experiencing troubles in removing the sticky tape residue off your windows, do not hesitate to ask for professional help will make sure that there is no sign of tape residue or windows streaks. 

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You can use these for minor refreshment or in combinations with our end of tenancy cleaning tips for tenants when changing accommodation prior to moving out. It is important to underline that cleaning yourself professional tenancy cleaners come with enormous advantage compared ot DIY enthusiasts.