18 Fridge Cleaning Tips & Hacks, YEAH! Keep Refrigerators Sparkling & Organised

Posted by on June 7, 2019 in Cleaning Tips

Dirty fridge needs cleaning and organizing

Your fridge is among the kitchen appliances that require the most hassle and nerves when it comes to cleaning and chores. That’s why all the clever know-how of hacks, tips, and attention to detail are crucial when it comes to hygiene and organising.

You’re after tips for cleaning the fridge?
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The experts team at the Go Cleaners Company for professional cleaning services will walk you through 18 tricks to help you tackle smell, dirt and nasty spots from drinks, food leftovers and at worst – food poisoning.

Without further ado,

Must #1. Empty The Fridge First

It may sound like a dubious tip but sometimes people won’t even think of emptying the fridge.

This means racks, holders, shelves, drawers or any other part you could dismantle and take out.

Soak those in hot water, add a bit of soap and leave it for a while, then rinse and put back once the fridge is clean. If big enough, use your sink, bathtub, larger tray, or any vessel big enough to fit.

Taking stuff out of the fridge will make the entire cleaning process easier.

If too much for you, consider booking professional domestic cleaning to leave chores to the expert or simply get the one-off cleaning session.

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Advice #2. Forget Detergents

Cleaning the whole fridge with detergent is the wrong hack but yet many would still do it.

Yes, we could understand why this is the first cleaning solution on your mind, but what you haven’t thought of is the permanent leftover smell and fumes it leaves behind. Unfortunately, it can transfer to the food and thus build up to a far more unpleasant situation.

Instead, use baking soda or white vinegar with hints of your favourite essential oil.

Advice #3. Leave Disinfectants like Bleach Aside

It goes the same way as your regular detergent. If you plan to wipe the fridge with bleach, you better have a hose to rinse it for leftover fumes can easily transfer to food and thus pose a hazard.

We all know it’s great to tackle mould and mildew but if not handled as you should, risks await.

Tip #4. Consider Using Natural Products

If you don’t want to use off-the-shelf products, you can always resort to good old DIY. Conventional baking soda can work great for cleaning several stains and dirt marks.

To use vinegar for wiping both inside and out is among the best stainless steel fridge cleaning tips. It works great for racks, handles, holders, and metal parts.

Just make sure you test whatever you use at a tiny area before you do A to Z in case of unexpected hinders.

Hack #5. The Paper Bag Trick

The paper bag hack to clean the kitchen and fridge

Smelly fruit and vegetable bins in the fridge are a nightmare.

However, there is one trick we want to share with you that is so simple and requires just a basic brown paper grocery bag. You know, the ones we all have in our homes but don’t exactly know what to do with them.

To get rid of the smell, all you have to do is

  1. Place the paper bag in the bin;
  2. Leave it in for a day or two.

Tip #6. Use Labels

Yes, we live in a time when life is so hectic you should even label your fridge. This hack will not only help you organise produce better, but it will keep it sparkling clean as well.

  1. Make sure to get sticky labels from the store;
  2. Place them on the right shelves.

Simple, easy and extremely useful.

Tip #7. Get Baskets

It doesn’t have to be any particular brand, type or shape. Just find baskets that fit in between the shelves and your whole fridge will be instantly organized.

The best thing is that these baskets are so easy to take out and put back in. You can use look into discount codes from Laura Ashley and get great deals for a wide range kitchen storage items. Just be creative.

Hack #8. Place Your Items Where You Can See Them

Some types of meat, fruit, or vegetables are the cause for those biggest messes that require thorough deep clean up.

That is why you should store all these foods separately and where you can see them when you open the fridge. That way, you’ll be able to act very fast if something is going on and prevent a disaster.

Hack #9. Liners Can Save You Time

Why clean up something that you can prevent?

When it comes to tips about cleaning and organising your fridge, you should always work your way as smart as possible.

Line all the shelves with liners, and even if spillage is present, you can simply replace or wash.

Tip #10. Act Fast

Tip: Clean the Fridge fast

This is more of a reasonable tip than an actual trick.

The faster you clean up the mess, the less work you’ll put into it. If you leave the spillage and wait, it can turn into heavy-duty stains that will take hours to scrub and remove.

Hack #11. Fight Odours with Orange Extract

One of the hacks that you’ll be using for life is definitely this one. If the fridge still smells like that delicious cheese you had one week ago, all you need is cotton balls and orange extract.

Actually, any gorgeous-smelling extract will do the job.

  1. Soak the cotton balls with it;
  2. Place a few on a plate and in the fridge.

Tip #12. Check Out Expiration Dates Twice a Week

Everything that you buy has a date on it! Learning how to throw things on time will give you so much extra storage, plus save you from cleaning up stains.

Pay attention to the condition of vegetables and fruits. Consider bringing healthy kitchen appliances to your life, such as herb preservation containers, nut milk bags, or any of the other brilliant products out there.

Tip #13. Avoid Hot Water

Don’t ever use hot water on the cold refrigerator shelves.

Rapid amplitudes can cause unwanted damage to your fridge. When cleaning glass shelves, make sure to get them out first, wait for a while, then get to work with hot water.

If you have been struggling to get the sticky residue from the liners off the shelves, you can use these easy tricks.

Hack #14. The Vacuum Cleaner Trick

What you can do with a towel, the vacuum cleaner can do much better. Save yourself the precious time, learn which is the best vacuum cleaner, get it, plug it and reach every single corner faster, and more efficiently.

Hack #15. Clean All Shelves in The Dishwasher

The trick you’ll love when it comes to a quick cleaning is placing the drawers and shelves in the dishwasher. There is no need to rub them for hours or use several different cleaning products. It will save you time and energy.

Hack #16. Lazy Susans to the Rescue

Lazy Susans are turntables that will help you be on track with what you actually have stored in the refrigerator. It happens to even the best of us to forget a jar of pickles somewhere in the back and to find it after its date has expired. By placing several turntables on the shelves, you’ll make sure not to forget anything ever again. Lazy Susans are perfect for jars.

Hack #17. The One Bottle Rule

It’s great to have stock on all the foods and condiments that you use, but with the ‘one bottle rule,’ you will solve so many problems.

First of all, the fridge will be much more organised.
Another thing is that you’ll prevent having bottles with expired dates.

Tip #18. Start from The Top

It doesn’t matter which method or cleaning product you’re using. Always start the job from the top and work your way down. With this hack, you will always leave a clean surface and avoid spills on the spots that you’ve already cleaned.

Check out these 20 ideas to help you organise the fridge in a simple and easy manner:

Final remarks,

Germ-free cleaning the fridge is a crucial chore to any deep cleaning house checklist and you can’t neglect, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By using simple hacks and professional tips, you can reduce the time and hassle needed to get the fridge fresh and clean.

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