What is Green and Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning?

Posted by on December 21, 2020 in Cleaning Tips, Going Green

The growth of environmental awareness across the world is significant. We entered a new era of sustainability and people no longer remain impersonal to ecological dangers, damage, and concerns.

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So, we use natural and recycled products, establish an organic lifestyle, and maintain an eco-friendly household. But what happens at the office?

We live in times when the workplace needs to be as healthier and eco-oriented as possible. You have various ways to upkeep a sustainable office space and contribute to the decrease of environmental risks, but the major step to change are safe and environmentally friendly products and services.

Going green with office cleaning is simple and cost-saving, yet efficient commitment. It aims for conservation of essential resources and reduction of excessive waste that would otherwise end up at landfill.

How Hard is it to Organise and Handle Eco-friendly Cleaning? 

The cleaning industry and the Go Cleaners London professional cleaning company is here to stand to demand for ecological services. Specialised enterprises offer exceptional products and professionals to deliver.

Let’s find out how exactly green office cleaning meets the passion and demand for environmental responsibility.

What is Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning refers to the use of products and methods, created to preserve the environment and human health, and focuses on the optimum utilisation of resources.

Compared to conventional cleaning, green cleaning relies on:

  • low-toxicity chemicals;
  • natural cleaners;
  • products with organic ingredients;
  • non-allergic substances;
  • biodegradable materials;
  • manufactured eco-friendly cleaning products (with a green label);
  • reusable or recycled items;
  • environmentally friendly techniques and procedures, etc.

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Cleaning Products Check

Speaking of manufactured products, mind that sometimes the green label doesn’t guarantee safe and organic components. Some companies get this label when they donate to ecological causes or use a recycled package. But their products contain dangerous chemicals and pollutants. So, a tip is to always inspect the label and reveal the ingredients before use.

But how to tell if the product is safe and eco-friendly or harmful?

Avoid products that comprise phosphates, chlorine, formaldehyde, phthalates, surfactants, and artificial colours and fragrances. These chemicals and ingredients are hazardous not only to the environment but to human health, too. They cause lung diseases, like asthma, or even cancer. Stay away also from fabric protection sprays and air fresheners. These devices contain harmful chemicals that affect the endocrine system.

The price is another sign if a product is truly safe and organic. Green cleaning supplies are a bit more expensive. Also, get a sniff of the content, if possible. The right green cleaning agents have a more natural, light, and pleasant scent.

Note: Although controversial, some recommend soft drinks like coke for cleaning toilet bowls as a viable solution..

Green Cleaning Equipment

The type of cleaning gear is as important as the cleaning agents to environmental safety. An aspect of the “Going green” concept is the maximum utilisation to avoid waste.

So, green cleaning methods impose the use of reliable equipment that withstands chemicals over an extended period of time and don’t wreck. Qualified and experienced cleaning specialists are also a necessity to ensure long-term functioning”, experts add. We call this “High-Performance Cleaning Equipment.

Eco-friendly cleaning tools have:

  • high performance;
  • flexibility;
  • impressive service life of the unit;
  • option to dispose of them safely with no environmental consequences;
  • they reduce the cleaning time, thus save energy and costs;
  • advanced technologies such as hot-water extraction cleaning effectively capture and remove dirt and dust with the use of a smaller amount of cleaning agents.

Green cleaning advancements include also:

  • vacuum cleaner air filters called HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters;
  • microfiber cloths, mop heads, and dusters.

Eco-friendly cleaning tools offer:

  • a better absorbency of soil;
  • a possibility to launder and reuse them;
  • trap the soil within their fibres and don’t let it re-deposit on surfaces;
  • use fewer chemicals.

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners that are durable and offer excellent filtration are a reasonable investigation for green cleaning. Consider also chemical-free floor machines with dust collection. They prevent the floor dust from becoming airborne during cleaning like mould and mildew

How-water extraction and steam cleaning devices for carpets along with oven valeting or deep cleaning bathrooms are a must, too! We have great respect for zero waste bathroom cleaning DIY, but for professional results, trust a pro.

Benefits of Green Office Cleaning

Alongside a positive environmental impact, green office cleaning brings benefits to the business and staff, too.

Lower Costs

Going green with cleaning the workplace definitely saves money. Green practices themselves speak for less waste. They help decrease water and energy expenses and implement sustainable habits to work more efficiently. All this reduces overall costs.

Safer and Healthier Workspace

Compared to standard cleaning agents that increase air pollutants indoors, green solvents promote good air quality and don’t contain any harmful components. So, green cleaning ensures that employees have no contact with dangerous chemicals and protects their health.

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Increased Productivity

Improved air quality stimulates efficiency and productivity. When not exposed to irritants, employees have a better cognitive function. They think more creatively and cope with tasks quickly and effectively.

Recycling Trash

What’s green cleaning if not recycling the trash. 

Recycling bins around the workspace encourage staff to separate paper, glass, and metal objects. This effortless step has an immense influence on the environment. Separated trash provides staples to reuse or repurpose. This helps preserve non-renewable resources.

Plants for a Greener Work Area

Plants don’t clean surfaces, but they purify indoor air with no harmful effects for the environment and the team’s health. 

Greenery reduces CO2 levels and combats many irritants – toxins, pollutants, and microorganisms. So, there is no doubt that plants are a perfect addition to green cleaning, while they freshen up the office and make it a happier place.

Engaging Employees

It’s important that the team is aware of the detrimental effects of and hazards of traditional cleaning products and methods. There are different ways to show them how crucial the eco-friendly mindset is. The use of numbers, documentaries, or external speakers helps explain the scale of the environmental issues and their devastating consequences.

It’s advisable to forbid the use of synthetic strong chemicals and advocate for green and natural cleaning agents. Employees passionate about green lifestyle and sustainability are great to set an example.

With an environmentally conscious staff, a company’s aspiration for the use of green cleaning products and methods is meaningful.

Final Thoughts

Switch to green office cleaning. It ensures a safer workspace for the employees, while it contributes to a healthier environment. And it’s not difficult to introduce and implement it. It takes some goodwill, cooperation and responsibility.

And remember, when it comes to nature and environment, minor achievements make a huge difference.